Hiremelegal provides Clients and Attorneys with two unique programs, dependent on the case type (Hourly or Fixed Price) for ensuring payment and work is delivered and received as expected.

Escrow Protection for Fixed Price Cases

For Clients: Hiremelegal Escrow Protection helps ensure Clients pay only for work they’ve received and approved. Created for Fixed Price cases, Clients have the ability to inspect work previously agreed upon and delivered by their Attorneys, before they release funds from Escrow.

For Attorneys: Hiremelegal Escrow Payment Protection helps ensure funds are available prior to Attorneys starting work. With Hiremelegal Escrow Payment Protection, case Milestones are set and funded by the Client using Hiremelegal Escrow. If Terms and case Milestones are met, payment to the Attorney is secure.

Work ViewTM Protection for Hourly Cases

For Clients: Work ViewTM Protection helps ensure Clients pay Attorneys only for the time spent on their cases. Created for Hourly cases, the Work View™ feature streams screenshots of the Attorney’s work and comments into the Hiremelegal Workroom, allowing the Client to view the work as it progresses and easily reject time before issuing payment.

For Attorneys: Work ViewTM Payment Protection secures payment for project hours Attorneys have previously agreed to with their Clients and have documented using Hiremelegal ‘s Tracker with Work ViewTM feature.

Dispute Assistance

The vast majority of work on Hiremelegal is delivered to the complete satisfaction of both the client and the Attorney. On rare occasions, a disagreement can occur between the client and Attorney that may require some assistance to resolve.