How Do I Submit A Proposal On A case?

You can submit proposals on open case posts directly from the case Post page. Click the case title from Search results, your Opportunities page or from your email to visit the case Post page. From this page, complete your proposal including costs, proposed terms and more. For more details on how to submit your proposal, see the links below.

What are the requirements for submitting a proposal?


Attorneys are required to spend Connects in order to submit proposals for open cases. Connects act like virtual tokens for submitting proposals and the number of Connects required to submit a proposal varies depending on the nature and budget of the case. Click here to learn more about Connects and how they work.

Note: Connects are not required to submit a proposal if you are invited by a Client to bid or if you are bidding on a Repeat case.


Attorneys can only submit proposals for cases within the Categories they have subscribed to. For example, if you have subscribed to the Writing & Translation Category as part of your membership, you cannot place bids for IT & Programming cases. If you want to submit proposals for cases in more than one Category, click here to find out how to upgrade your membership for more access.

Client Requirements/Documentation

You should only submit proposals for which you are qualified for and for which you have appropriate documentation, if required. For example, some Clients request specific skills as written in the case post. Or, Clients may require their U.S.Attorneys to have W9 information as part of their HireMeLegal account. Make sure you have the proper skill set and documentation as part of your HireMeLegal profile before attempting to submit a proposal.

How do I submit a proposal on a case?

To submit a proposal for a case, please log into HireMeLegal and follow the steps below:

Click on the case name to learn about the project including the case description, Client requirements, start date, budget, case type (Fixed or Hourly) and more. Each case post page will also include information about the Client via the Client activity icon, seen below. The green circles indicate how much the Client has spent on HireMeLegal as well as payment readiness status. After evaluating the case, Client information and skills required you can submit a proposal.

If a Fixed Price case, you have the option to set proposed Terms & Milestones for the case. If the Client awards the case to you, they will have the option to accept these Terms or to propose changes to the Terms. Once awarded you will have to confirm the Terms & Milestones to finalize the case and enter Working status.

In the Cost & Timing section indicate your cost and the estimated delivery date. There is a calculator here that will help you determine your best proposal value for both hourly and fixed price cases. The HireMeLegal fees are deducted from the total bid amount.

Click Preview to proceed.

Review your proposal, then click Submit Proposal.

When submitting a proposal, do not forget to include:

Your estimated cost for the case (if your proposal is chosen, you will always be able to finalize the cost estimate during the Terms negotiation).

Your understanding of the requirements.

Your proposed approach to the cases (deliverables and timeframes).

Your relevant experience and skills.

Any references you may have from customers prior to joining HireMeLegal.

You may also attach files to your proposal.

How do I write a great proposal?

A well-written proposal is one of the most important factors in winning cases on HireMeLegal. Think of your proposal as you would an interview, in which you aim to show Clients why you are the best Attorney for the case.

How do I edit or withdraw a proposal?

After you’ve submitted a proposal for a case, you may want to edit or withdraw your bid. To do so, follow the steps below:

From your My HireMeLegal page, click on the case name for which you’d like to edit/withdraw your proposal.

In the top right corner under Status, select Update or Withdraw.

If you are making edits, modify your proposal description and/or Cost & Timing and follow the steps outlined earlier for submitting your updated proposal. If you are withdrawing your proposal, select your reason for withdrawing from the menu options provided, then submit a message to the Client explaining your decision.When you are finished, click Withdraw Proposal.

A notification will be sent to the Client, advising them of changes to your proposal.

Note: Once you withdraw a proposal from a case, you cannot re-submit a proposal.

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