How Does Feedback Work For Attorneys?

Feedback is an important part of working on HireMeLegal. Attorneys build a reputation of Client satisfaction and Clients build a history of consistent hiring and payment.  These serve as references for both parties when evaluating whom to work with in the future. Feedback can only be left by past Clients and Attorneys that have worked together on HireMeLegal, so you can be confident that the work history is from the legitimate experiences of other HireMeLegal members.

When can Clients leave Feedback?

Feedback can be left by a Client after a payment has been released on the case, or after the final Milestone date that is specified on the case Terms, whichever comes first.  Feedback expires 60 days after the case has been marked as complete.

How do I respond to Feedback?

To respond to a review, log in to your account and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Find case on the top navigation bar and then click Attorney Profile.

  2. Scroll down to see all your Feedback under your case History.  If the Client has provided Feedback, you will find a Respond to Feedback link under their original review.

Responses will be displayed directly beneath the original Feedback review. Since your response will be permanent and viewed as part of your Feedback history, it is important to respond professionally, especially in cases of responding to a poor review.

Can Feedback be removed or reset?

Feedback cannot be changed once posted. This is to prevent manipulation of the Feedback system and to ensure that actual customer experiences are reflected accurately in the system. Only in rare situations, such as Feedback that is left for the wrong Attorney, will HireMeLegal consider removing Feedback.

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