What is The Hiremelegal Work System?

The Hiremelegal Work System (Hiremelegal’s features, tools, processes and services that facilitate online work) puts you in control, keeps you safe and ensures you get the most of your Hiremelegal experience!

Case post

Case Posts are how Clients describe their case requirements, set a budget range, select a work arrangement, request specific skill sets and start receiving proposals from Attorneys within hours!

The workroom

The Workroom is the hub of the Hiremelegal Work System. For each case on Hiremelegal a Workroom is automatically created enabling:

  • Proposal evaluation
  • Hiring
  • Private, stored communication
  • File sharing
  • Invoice tracking
  • Approval of work
  • Time sheet
  • Payment

Terms and Milestones

Terms and Milestones are established at the outset of a work engagement to set the pricing (Terms) and define the timing of what is expected by when (Milestones).


Time-sheets make invoicing and billing for Hourly case a snap! Attorneys submit their Time sheets weekly, with notes on tasks completed.


Feedback is an important part of working on Hiremelegal. Attorneys build a reputation of Client Satisfaction and Clients build a history of consistent hiring and payment. These serve as references for both parties when evaluating whom to work with in the future.

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