Hiring on HireMeLegal

  • How do I post a case?
    To post a case, you must first create an account on Hiremelegal. Once you've verified your email address, you can post your case by following the steps below. If signed out, click the Sign In button on the homepage, sign into your account and click Post Your Case Now!. If
  • How do I post a private case?
    If you would like to have a case that is only visible to invited Attorneys, your post will need to be set up as a private case, which will not be posted publicly in the case search results. Marking a case as private can only be done during the posting process,
  • How do I search for Attorney?
    Attorneys in the HireMeLegal directory can be found by using a number of different search criteria and filters: Attorney name or username Category Keyword(s) listed in the Attorney's profile Skills Feedback Points Location To start a Attorney search, log into your account and mouse over Hire in the top navigation bar and then click Search Attorneys. On
  • Tips For Posting A Case
    A well-written and thoughtfully crafted case description is a great way to attract the best candidates who have right skills and expertise for your case. Write a good case description Describing your case in a clear and concise manner is a great way to increase the number and quality of Proposals
  • How Do I Select A Attorneys Case?
    To hire a Attorney for your case, simply post your case on HireMeLegal and choose from the candidates who respond with their Proposals. Alternatively, you have the ability to search for specific Attorneys and invite them to your case by clicking Hire Me on their profile page. Once your case
  • How Do I Use The Watch List?
    The Watch List allows you to keep a close eye on Case Posts, Clients and Attorneys that are of interest to you. As a Attorney, you can access your Watch List by logging into your account and clicking Find Work on the top navigation bar and then clicking
  • How Do I Submit A Proposal On A case?
    You can submit proposals on open case posts directly from the case Post page. Click the case title from Search results, your Opportunities page or from your email to visit the case Post page. From this page, complete your proposal including costs, proposed terms and more. For more details on
  • How Does Feedback Work For Attorneys?
    Feedback is an important part of working on HireMeLegal. Attorneys build a reputation of Client satisfaction and Clients build a history of consistent hiring and payment.  These serve as references for both parties when evaluating whom to work with in the future. Feedback can only be left by past Clients
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